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Whole-wheat bread is a type of bread made using flour is partly or entirely milled from whole or almost-whole wheat grains.

It is one kind of brown bread named whole-wheat bread elsewhere in the world also called whole-grain bread or wholemeal bread.

Some varieties of whole-wheat bread are traditionally coated with whole or cracked grains of wheat.

Bread and the art of baking were exported from Egypt and across the Roman Empire. During the early Middle Ages (5th Century) the Roman Empire started to break down but baking had already been embedded in Europe and even spread to Asia.
The Vikings made bread mainly from Rye grains, which produces a dense, hard bread. Circular loaves were often made with a hole in the middle allowing bread to be hung from a pole or rope.

Medieval bread was very similar to the loaf we know today. According to historic sources, the taste was comparable to modern wholemeal bread made from stone-ground flour.

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