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Ulm - Sunflower Multigrain Seed Bread   
“Some people are Meat People. Others are Chocolate People.  Yet others are less interested in food, but have a Passion for Wine. Now, I like all these things, but really - the one thing I’d be hard pressed to live without - is bread.

It’s a long-standing love affair and is something that has guided my travels, and has been a litmus test for every place I have lived! 

It gives me the same sense of wonder that I have when I watch a sunflower seed grow into a beautiful two meter flower. Earth  creating something wonderful from practically nothing.
Now, the things you need to know about Sunflower Seed Bread are not many, but they are important.

One: it comes in many varieties, the one of which I enjoy the most is dense, crumbly and has more seeds relative to bread than you would think possible.

Two: It’s the best bread in the world. 

As breakfast.  As a sandwich.  As a midnight snack.  With soup.” Cassien, CEO Barn Bread

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"I judge a restaurant by the bread and by the coffee." -
-Burt Lancaste
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