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Stuttgart - Spelt Bread (Dinkelbrot)                     

Spelt, also known as dinkel wheat, or hulled wheat, is a species of wheat cultivated since 5000 BCE. Spelt was an important staple in parts of Europe from the Bronze Age to medieval times; it now survives as a relict crop in Central Europe and northern Spain and has found a new market as a health food.

In the Middle Ages, spelt was cultivated in parts of Switzerland, Tyrol and Germany.

Spelt is more expensive than modern wheats, first because it is a minority product, but also because it requires the extra stage of husk removal before milling.

It makes a rather soft, light loaf with a very good flavour, and it is particularly good for flatbreads, because they can become crisp without being hard

Spelt is also mentioned in the Bible. The seventh plague in Egypt reported in Exodus, chapter 9 was said not to have damaged the harvest of wheat and spelt, as these were 'late crops'.

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