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Johannesburg - Farmer Rusk

Our Farmer Rusk is a variation of the French Brioche.

Brioche is a French bread, which is made from yeast dough and enriched with butter and eggs. The word brioche is derived from a verb “brier”, which is derived from northern French word “broyer” which means to knead. Etymologists believe that the word broyer was loaned from German word “brehhan” which meant break.

brioche was famously mentioned for the first time when Marie Antoinette said "Let them eat cake”.

Etymologically speaking the word brioche first appeared in 1404.

Despite of having French origins the brioches belong to the league of Viennoiseries. Although it mostly mimics the properties of bread but it falls into the league of pastries because eggs, milk and butter are used in large amounts.  Brioche is normally enjoyed as a breakfast item or a snack along with pain aux raisins and pain au lait. Brioche is mostly paired with hot coffee or hot chocolate.

Net soos Ouma gebak het!

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French Brioche
American Brioche
Chocolate Orange Brioches
Cheese Brioche
Braided Almond Brioche Bread

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