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Florence - Italian Tuscan Flat Bread (Schiacciata)

Our Schiacciata is a type of Focaccia from the Tuscan area.
Focaccia is a kind of Italian bread which is no more a preservation of Italians only. Sandwiches made out of Focaccia bread are mostly very tasty.

You can add to its deliciousness by putting cheese and some fillings. One can see Focaccia sandwiches nowadays with wide variety of seasonings.

The name Focaccia emerged out of the Roman word ‘panis focacius’. The word panis implies bread, while focacius is a Latin word that means centre or the fireplace.

In the ancient times, Romans cooked Focaccia in ashes of fire instead of cooking on a tray that is placed over the fire.

It is widely speculated that people living in the inland region, which was usually a mountainous region was the right place for the Focaccia to develop, were the ones who first started making this bread.

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“In the history of art there are periods when bread seems so beautiful that it nearly gets into museums.” Janet Flanner
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