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Milan - Italian Ciabatta Olive Bread          

With its fine, crisp, caramelized crust and moist, fluffy crumb, our Ciabatta breads are still as unique as they were the first day we opened.

They are the pride of our bakery. In fact, we our proud of the Ciabatta baguette, a premium quality traditional Italian bread baked according to centuries-old European traditions.
All of our breads are made with no additives or preservatives, yet they have an exceptionally long shelf life.

We fully bake a wide range of sizes and flavours of loaves to perfection.

Recipe Suggestion: Chicken Ciabatta Sandwich - Toasted Ciabatta filled with tasty chicken mini fillets, tomato, avocado and rocket.
Ingredients: 1 tbs olive oil; 4 tsp Salt chicken herb & spice blend; 450g chicken mini fillets; 4 Ciabatta rolls, sliced lengthways; 4 tomatoes, diced; 1 avocado, peeled and diced; juice of 1 lime; rocket leaves to serve; sea salt and black pepper to season.

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