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What’s the Difference between White & Brown Bread?

Most white bread made from refined wheat flour gives nothing to your body. In fact, not only is it a premier weight gain food, you’ll actually require more enzymes, vitamins and minerals from the other foods you eat just to deal with digesting it.

Given all of this, it would make sense to switch to brown bread or multigrain right? Unfortunately not.

In some extremely lazy manufacturing, but inspired marketing, much of the ‘brown’ bread you’ll find in the supermarket is simply the same white bread with brown colouring, often caramel, added back into it. Hardly the healthier choice it’s made out to be.

The fact is, the vast majority of breads from the big manufacturers are just slight variations, a little colouring here, a sprinkling of seeds there, of the same extremely unhealthy processed bread. If you’d like to stay healthy and especially if you’re looking to lose weight, they are best ditched from your diet or replaced with some of the healthier alternatives of Barn Bread.

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“Avoid those who don’t like bread and children.” Swiss Proverb
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