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Stockholm - Crispbread (Knäckebrot)                     

Crispbread has been baked in central Sweden since 500 AD. It was made as round wafers with a hole in the middle so the bread could be stored on sticks under the roof.

Traditional crispbread was invented about 500 years ago. Finland and Sweden have long traditions in crispbread consumption and crispbread has been known in most households since the 1800s.

Traditionally, crispbreads were baked just twice a year; following harvest and again in the spring when frozen river waters began to flow  Sweden's first industrial crispbread bakery, AU Bergmans enka, began its production in Stockholm in 1850.

Crispbread traditionally consists of wholemeal rye flour, salt, and water.

Today, however, many kinds of crispbread contain wheat flour, spices and grains, and is often leavened with yeast or sourdough, and milk or sesame seeds can be added.

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