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Hamburg - Caraway Rye Bread (Kümmelbrot)  

The origins of the name caraway come from the Arabic al-karwiya seeds; which some presume is the origin of the Latin word carvi and from Caria, where caraway may have first been used.

Caraway, also known as meridian fennel, or Persian cumin, is a biennial plant in the family Apiaceae native to western Asia, Europe and Northern Africa.

English usage of the term caraway dates back to at least 1440, and is considered to be of Arabic origin.

In German folklore, parents placed a dish of caraway seeds beneath their children’s beds to protect them from witches. The belief was that that any object containing caraway could not be stolen.

The history of caraway also has a romantic side. Caraway was once used as an aide in preventing fickleness and was used in love potions. Caraway seeds were also added to chicken feed in hopes of keeping them from wandering off and is still sometimes given to homing pigeons.

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