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Munich - Bavarian Landbrot (Rye Sourdough)

Landbrot (country bread) was often baked in large loafs which were to last from baking day to baking day, at least a week.

Often, loaves could weigh 10 or 12 pounds, and were baked in a communal oven.

Similar to other German regions, Franconian bread types range from white wheat bread (Weißbrot) to grey (Graubrot) to black (Schwarzbrot), actually dark brown rye bread.

The typical Franconian bread (Fränkisches Landbrot) contains both wheat and rye flour (hence Mischbrot, mixed bread).

Characteristic for this bread is a high percentage of rye flavour, usually 80% and about 20% wheat flour and an aromatic spice mixture.

The shape can be longish (Kipf) or round (Laib).

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