“Eating something fresh out of the oven is like a hug you can taste.” Regina Brett

“I understand the big food companies are developing a tearless onion. I think they can do it - after all, they’ve already given us tasteless bread.” - Robert Orben
Taste Woodfired Delight Today!
Barn Bread -  You Deserve Delightful Bread!

Barn Bread was established in 2005 in Pretoria and rebranded for you in 2014.

We are dedicated to serve our customers with natural and healthy products to empower growth and build the foundation for your daily life.

You can reach us in over 25 outlets in Pretoria and the Gauteng Province.

What we think about our work: A baker's work parallels that of jewellers, glass blowers or furniture makers.

They all have a palette of preferred, trustworthy materials. They know how to combine their materials to build something strong and at the same time delicate or elegant.

Combining the raw materials in different ways will create various shapes, textures or colours.

The finished product is something to be proud of when so much thought and creativity went into it.

Our Passion Ÿ Your Bread  Ÿ For Life!
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